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Shadow's movie 

Well finally I uploaded my gameplay video. I did it only now because it was Huge and my connection was slow, moreover uploaded video used to be in a very low quality so it was imposibe to watch. Now its better so here it is! A secret of our famous LOSV playing is open for you! Go and check it happy .
Gamepaly video made in the beggining of 2008, Map - base, Type - DM FFA, Player Shadow (Major of ***E*** clan back then), only 1st person view. It is not edited so it may look boring... but thats how it was - reall gamepaly.

It was hard to play then... huge lag... very very slow game even though game setting were set to low angry ... freezing (I did it with my old crappy PC sad ) so I was carefull, played with less risk... etc still I made this score 70 kills and 4 deaths smile
Note that I was using Headphones so I was able to tell the dirrection of the sounds, I know the map VERY vell etc.

Shadow movie

For more details go to "Discussion" LOSV section

Category: Information | Views: 1587 | Added by: SHADOW | Date: 13 Jan 2010 | Comments (5)

MRM floods ya outta here! 

Flood evoliution
Category: Information | Views: 1754 | Added by: EDIS | Date: 23 Jun 2009 | Comments (0)

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