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The story of Easy Company of the US Army 101st Airborne division and their mission in WWII Europe from Operation Overlord through V-J Day.

10 TV mini-series made in 2001. Really good, based on real facts. Should be very interesting for those who played or planing to play CoD, CoD 2, CoD UO and MoH AA and MoH A. Some missions seems to be based on these TV series, like Carentan attack (buildings look identical) or holding the line around Bastogne and so on.
Anyway, watch it and tell what you think.

Added by: SHADOW | 26 Feb 2011 | Comments (1) Views: 2683 |

Lithuanian SoP Aitvaras soldiers are becoming living legends in Afghanistan.

Lithuanian Special Forces Squadron "Aitvaras" is working with allies in Afghanistan since 2002. Unlike many exUSSR country soldiers, Lithuanains are armed with newest assult weapons, equipment and wehicles. Aitvaras took part in operation "Enduring Freedom", where it performed special reconnaissance, terorists capture and elimination missions up to 2004. At the beggining they performed joint operations with legendary USA 82nd paratroops division. Later their skills and abilities were evaluated and Aitvaras started working with USA Special Forces. Aitvaras base is in Kandahar where they live together with TF232 (Task Force 232. This recently became famous when Wikileaks went public with secret documents from Afghanistan). Aitvaras responsibility zone is Zabul in Kandahar. Aitvaras soldiers many times were presented with highest army awards, there were few injuries and no casualt ... Read more »
Added by: SHADOW | 09 Aug 2010 | Comments (2) Views: 6618 |

This well known word came from two different words - old and school, that can have many different meanings when its going together or dispersed.
Actually, it means "oldtimers" (aww...here we go...another term lol), old players, old gamers of the specific game, who have experience, skills, tactics. ATTENTION! Score isnt the most important factor, when we are talking about experience, skills, tactics. Every gamer has his own gaming attitudes, purposes and aims, everybody has an individual way of playing/gaming...and this is it!

OLDSCHOOL is the way of playing/gaming, for example - no teamkill, no spawnkill, no spawncamping, no camping, no sub- and mashineguns, no shooting at players when they are typing, NO INSULTS (alwise polite), no flooding/spamming chat, no teamtazing, no jumping like crazy arroud the area and s ... Read more »

Added by: EDIS | 24 Jan 2010 | Comments (0) Views: 2753 |

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