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Line of Sight: Vietnam site is complete 

Line of Sight: Vietnam fan page is finally finished.
Please check out the downloads section which includes: LOSV Missions, LOSV Maps, LOSV Mods, LOSV Patches, LOSV Fixes and LOSV Trial version. NEW FILES ADDED DAILY.
LOSV and gaming related updates and news are posted in forums, but there is a lot more like pictures, videos and other goodies on this site.


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LOSA Server Online 

If anyone wants to play some missions this server is on most of the time.

LOSV Server v1.03 COOP, IP: (IP will change from time to time)

You can copy and paste the above IP address into the server IP field using keys ctrl+c and ctrl+v.

Reminder: Gamespy has shut down servers for many old games (including LOSV) in 2014. That is why servers dont show on the server list anymore.


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Line of Sight: Vietnam fan site is up and running! 

Finally, the Line of Sight: Vietnam fan site is up and running! Please check out all the features, there are more on the way.

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embattl3D celebrates it's 5th Birthday! 

embattl3D celebrates it's 5th Birthday!

Added by: EDIS, 26 Jan 2014 | View: 3269 | Comments: 3

Forum is Online 

Forum is ON as well as all its features.

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embattl3d.com has moved.

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The Users module has been enabled 

The Users feature is back up again!

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Soldiers module is temporarily disabled 

The soldiers module was disabled for now.

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e-3D is back 

The domain embattl3d.com is extended till 2012-06-05, the e-3D also accessible by the old domain embattled.ucoz.com.

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Our domain embattl3d.com is expiring on 2011-03-18.

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