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MRM floods ya outta here!

It seems mrm decided to flood all losv servers, except WMG cave's. Its sad news, but especially for e-f, because their leader Sod cant even run his server now, so he is hosting his server hidden (list on gamespy off).
Anyways everybody is laughing now, after Sod's bought flood from mrm for 70 $ and lost it. MRM is not going to sell his "better" flood to sod again - thanks for WMG Credo, who left e-f clan after sod wanted to share his moded cave map with Credo.
"Cheats clan - time to go", thats what mrm told to himself probably when starting to flood e-f servers. Its a public secret that sod's cheater, every player who has some experience - understands that (i mean autoaim thing).
So it seems mrm will flood sod out of losv and thats good because some months ago same sod was floodin every losv server, that he didnt like. And less e-f servers more players on our.

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