This was once the official website of the embattl3D community and the EMBATTLED Clan.
EMBATTLED have converted it to the Line of Sight - Vietnam site.
The old posts, comments, articles, gallery, etc. will remain here, but quite a few forum sections and pages were disabled and archived.

Now the site is dedicated entirely to Line of Sight - Vietnam serving as its fan page and the database of everything related to this game.
We have added lots of files to downloads section - maps, missions, mods, tools, patches and demos.
LOSV forum is the place where people can discuss matters related to this game, other games and gaming in general as well as share knowledge, experience, seek for technical support, etc.

The old members database still remains so if you have registered with us in the past - your old Log-In credentials should work.
In case you have any difficulties signing in please use the "Lost Password" feature below the Login button. Alternatively, please use the Contact Us form to get assistance from administrators.

-LOSV Team-
***E*** Platoon .:L.O.S.-V *EMBATTLED*:.

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