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  LOSV server
  Chit Chat & Off Topic GI 1Friday, 06 Nov 2020 21:20
  Chit Chat & Off Topic GI 2Monday, 05 Nov 2018 20:50
  Line of Sight: Vietnam site is complete
  Announcements EDIS 0Friday, 03 Mar 2017 19:58
  Welcome belzs!
  Welcome to the site EDIS 0Friday, 10 Feb 2017 14:46
  Welcome spikemtz
  Welcome to the site EDIS 0Tuesday, 07 Feb 2017 15:00

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Happy B-Day EVIL! 1 2091 EDIS
Posted by: SHADOW
Happy B-Day Fredrik! 1 1268 EDIS
Posted by: SHADOW
Happy B-Day Paula! 3 1188 SHADOW
Posted by: Paula
A way to start new year 1 1255 SHADOW
Posted by: EDIS
Happy B-Day Blue! 1 1052 EDIS
Posted by: SHADOW
The Promotion 1 1083 SHADOW
Posted by: EDIS
Happy B-Day Vassilij! 2 1002 EDIS
Posted by: Vassilij
Welcome _Hans 1 1433 EDIS
Posted by: SHADOW
100 members registered! 1 1674 EDIS
Posted by: SHADOW
well known feelin, huh? 2 5223 EDIS
Posted by: PRosplenDiD
Welcome PRosplenDiD 2 1024 EDIS
Posted by: PRosplenDiD
Tunggle 3 1107 Roca
Posted by: EDIS
Welcome JR 1 986 EDIS
Posted by: SHADOW
Welcome Shaddy98 1 1004 EDIS
Posted by: SHADOW
Assasins Creed Revelations Literal 0 1475 EDIS
Posted by: EDIS
Ip list for Deutsche Telekom AG and Unitymedia NRW GmbH 4 1121 SHADOW
Posted by: SHADOW
Welcome master 3 903 EDIS
Posted by: Paula
Been Told ROCA requested I be BANNED from friends servers
Been Told ROCA requested I be BANNED from friends servers
6 5437 BlueNight
Posted by: BlueNight
Welcome CrazyA 2 977 EDIS
Posted by: Paula
Welcome Drunk-Sniper 2 1786 EDIS
Posted by: Paula
Gamespy Off ?
2 5093 Roca
Posted by: EDIS
Common proff that our bans are legimate 3 1401 SHADOW
Posted by: SHADOW
Blink 2 831 SHADOW
Posted by: SHADOW
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