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The Promotion
SHADOW Date: Monday, 28 Nov 2011, 23:48 | Message # 1
Posts: 239
Joined: 14 Feb 2009
Today is a very special day for one little guy out there. Dont know how many people are still fighting in the battlefields of LOSV, or how many people will find this topic interesting, but thats not significant. Important thing here is "the promotion". The knucklehead (nothing personal really wink ) Im talking about, has been fighting for this all the time, constantly, regardless anything, with no commonsense whatsoever. He has overcome many obstacles in his path... Banned and kicked from countles servers, hated by players he persistently continued his quest by finding few more new ip's so that he could crash all servers there was. Certainly he had a reason for that, he wanted players to come to his server where he could show them the real skill of "bugs" and "mods" usage. Standing inside a rock, where noone could ever find or kill him, he would own newbies with M79 Granade launcher for hours and hours, till the last of them quit in shame. Naturally everyone who had played LOSV at least a week knows that Im talking about poor turkish boy.
It was getting harder and harder for him to gather new ip's, after all these years he probably understood what some of us knew all along: he cannot continue this forever, not if he wants to crash all servers. (e-3D) servers became out of bounds within few weeks and same with those who were smart enough to use MBL. Still he could find a narrow gap every few months, but that was not enough. Noone could bear it... seeing "You have been banned from this server" message again and again and only for a single, small, tiny crash that wouldnt even crash all the players... He had to act.
Today he proved to be ready to take his fight to a whole new level. His path is well known, like all those stumbling around the well earned banns, he summoned once poverful and unstoppable flood.
Even though it is no longer working as it did, even though he payed money for it (probably) and even though he will fail like those before him failed, he did really earned his rightfull place in advanced ban list. Congrats!

After this whole "fairy-tale" which has no happy ending for our "hero", some facts:

He tryed flood with random fragmented packets some time ago, which wasnt very useful I didnt even posted about it.
Now he is using some sort of well known flood, you can see how it looks in the "multiplayer8" and "multiplayer9" log files below. Hoever, it doesnt seem to be very useful too. While beeing in a server I notinced nothing and I mean nothing at all. No increase in packet loss, no "LOS Player has quit or lost the connection" messages buildup, no common chat messages flood. Seems like a simple Ban is working on this one well. However I got this on my old pc, different situation with connection here. He showed that he is willing to spend money (probably) on this, so it is posible that he will spend even more in the future (like someone had done so in the past). So Im taking action before he can do some real harm.
Im going add these to IP's to ABL for now, since he uses it, later if necessary it will be extended. - - - - -

My recommendation would be to use MBL together with ABL, since it has proven to be effective.
Some extra IP's that could be used in future can be found here (this is exceptional, most of his new IP's are from Unitymedia NRW GmbH)
Attachments: multiplayer8.log(32.1 Kb) · multiplayer9.log(4.3 Kb)

Message edited by SHADOW - Friday, 30 Dec 2011, 11:12
EDIS Date: Wednesday, 30 Nov 2011, 11:46 | Message # 2
Posts: 276
City: London
Joined: 12 Feb 2009
Welcome to the VIP list, turkeys-land representative. The 1 n only real turkey.

Well played very well so truly deserved and totally earned his place, nevertheless hasnt scored what a shame!

Turkey is the best meal 4 thanksgiving!

Congrats! Carry on!

...:::"respect the aspect of expect"- Sir Cr4p:::...
Discussion » Bans (lvl - 0) » Report a cheater/hacker » The Promotion
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