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Discussion » Bans (lvl - 0) » Report a cheater/hacker » A way to start new year
A way to start new year
SHADOW Date: Friday, 30 Dec 2011, 12:14 | Message # 1
Posts: 239
Joined: 14 Feb 2009
One more IP to our favoured list.
This time it wasnt unexpected, more like - strongly overdue.
Activity registered from IP, it used to belong (probably still does) to one long banned guy called "pegasus".
He was banned for years... Now he remains banned but holds no right to use ban appeal guide to change it.

Some examples of his recent activity:

1st flood attempt on my server with crash message. Server was on 1.01 so not much to see there - 1st message crashed it:

I took actions to prevent it from ever happening again. He probably noticed that his flood-crash attempts became useless so he began old and well known "random port flooding with fragmented packets". It is supposed to make server lagy, but with fast enough connection - makes no effect.

IP range that goes to ABL: -

Good luck next time happy
Attachments: activity.log(1.8 Kb)

EDIS Date: Friday, 30 Dec 2011, 14:28 | Message # 2
Posts: 276
City: London
Joined: 12 Feb 2009
The little insects are still there and they just cant accept the fact - the window is closed and you wont get inside through the glass.
No matter how hard, how often you try to(too hard already though) - the light on the other side is unreachable just like a mirage.

It took so long for lil insects to realise the fight was lost from the very beginning and still they wont admit it, poor little ones...

Here regarding to the topic 'A way to start new year' - EDIS himself gives you the best new years resolution:

GET OVER IT, you just arent capable of messing with the gaming elite.

...:::"respect the aspect of expect"- Sir Cr4p:::...
Discussion » Bans (lvl - 0) » Report a cheater/hacker » A way to start new year
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