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LOSV Colt45 1.01/1.03

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10 Sep 2017, 15:01
INSTALLATION: For the 9mm you have 2 folders you need to have in LOS. First, the Models folder. Inside the Models folder you will need a FirstPerson folder, and inside the FirstPerson folder you will need a Colt45 folder. The other major folder in the LOS main directory will be the SharedTex folder. First, copy the Models folder into your LOS main directory. Copy the SharedTex folder I've sent you right into your LOS main directory. If you have already created one this will just change the existing Colt 45 file. Now, to make the 3rd person view (when you drop the weapon on the ground) work, you need to open your SharedTex.za file with your zip program. Look through the files and find Colt45.dds and Colt45_small.dds and delete them. That's all. Close the file. I've also included a sound folder. Just copy it to your LOS main directory if you would like to try it. I guarantee you that if you have been using the one that came with the game this one will blow you away. Enjoy.

Author: Wolff
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