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Female faces for LOSV US characters. Requires some additional mo...

French models for LOSV.

English Models for LOSV.

Black Leather VC: This mod changes the old and ...

Some great Australian models by Wolff.

A custom skin for Colt .45

A set of different faces for NVA/VC characters...

13 weapon skins are for first and third person in...

GI 15/06/17 Taken from Call of Duty 2 and rebuilt with...
Downloads » LOSV Missions » GI Missions - 10 Sep 2017

Made by Beowolff who also made the Tokarev...

Downloads » LOSV Missions » GI Missions - 10 Sep 2017

...can snipe while moving without losing accuracy Melee kills (knife or machete) are awarded by 2 points compared to 1 point by any other weapon You ... In 1.03 it was changed to LOS Player. 3. They fixed some glitches and altered the DM maps slightly (Jungle 1...
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