Toujane Tunisia LOSV 

GI 15/06/17 Taken from Call of Duty 2 and rebuilt with 3ds max 8 to play in Line of sight Vietnam.

Added by: EDIS, 10 Sep 2017 | Views: 888 | Downloads: 382 | Comments: 0

The Lost Tokarev 

Made by Beowolff who also made the Tokarev skins for the engraved Tokarev which this map is all about.

A very good map for the year it was made and shows the skill of Beowolff who made loads of skins for LOSV and DD2.

Added by: EDIS, 10 Sep 2017 | Views: 913 | Downloads: 344 | Comments: 0


A LOSV version of COD2 Carentan. Made into a mission and the original deathmatch as well.

Added by: EDIS, 12 May 2017 | Views: 952 | Downloads: 380 | Comments: 0

Caen LOSV 

July 9th 1944. We are going into Caen to clear the town after the bombing...

Added by: EDIS, 08 Apr 2017 | Views: 951 | Downloads: 385 | Comments: 0


Another mission codenamed Warehouse to disrupt the Germans supply and communications as well as deny them water and power at a facility...

Added by: EDIS, 08 Apr 2017 | Views: 972 | Downloads: 383 | Comments: 0


No description available

Added by: EDIS, 08 Apr 2017 | Views: 893 | Downloads: 359 | Comments: 0


You have to make it through this swamp to get to dry land out of this jungle. Eliminate any infantry and officers on your way. Be carefull of Infantry hiding in these swamps. Carrying ammo is at a minimum. Use whatever weapons you can find. Best of luck.

Added by: EDIS, 08 Apr 2017 | Views: 908 | Downloads: 368 | Comments: 0

Pegasus losv 

We are going in at night by glider to take and hold Pegasus bridge while the rest of the squad take the other bridge. Liberate any civillians and Hold the bridge until reinforcements arrive. Down we go.

Added by: EDIS, 08 Apr 2017 | Views: 852 | Downloads: 347 | Comments: 0

Operation Hump 

Operation Hump is under way, on the way in to join your squad eliminate officer and clear area 1, move to hill and join squad and defend the hill. Getting out may be a bit difficult so mop up any resistance as you go, Best of luck, move out.

Added by: EDIS, 08 Apr 2017 | Views: 924 | Downloads: 338 | Comments: 0

Operation Santa Fe 

September 1967. Operation Santa Fe to locate and destroy the VC stronghold in the Nui May Tao mountains. You will be dropped of by chopper and make your way to a small structure to stock up on Ammunition as long as it has not been found by the VC. 

Added by: EDIS, 08 Apr 2017 | Views: 897 | Downloads: 345 | Comments: 0
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