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  Line of Sight: Vietnam site is complete
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Discussion » Information (lvl - 0) » Announcements » Line of Sight: Vietnam site is complete (Line of Sight: Vietnam fan page is finally finished)
Line of Sight: Vietnam site is complete
EDIS Date: Friday, 03 Mar 2017, 19:58 | Message # 1
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Line of Sight: Vietnam site is finally complete!

Please check out the downloads section which includes: LOSV Missions, LOSV Maps, LOSV Mods, LOSV Patches, LOSV Fixes and LOSV Trial version. NEW FILES ADDED DAILY.
LOSV and gaming related updates and news are posted in forums, but there is a lot more like pictures, videos and other goodies on this site.

It took us many hours to make this site look and perform the way it does. We had a vision of designing a black, grey and white website which somehow embodies the Line of Sight: Vietnam character and resembles the game this site is dedicated to.
We have changed the font to Arial and Courier New not because we wished the text to be more difficult to read. No, these fonts are being used in game.

All through this website you will find things that relate to Line of Sight: Vietnam in some way. Such as content, logos, images, music, font, colors, font color and some military terminology as well.
We still have more ideas and will customize this site even more.
If you take a quick look - on your right there is a block that contains Shout Box (mainly used to post live updates like server IP's,etc), your mini profile, latest file uploads and other usefull information.

Let's have a look at the Main Menu.

  • Site News - news archive
  • Articles - some videos and other material
  • News Feeds - a way too keep up with today's games and gaming. The page contains a list of feeds and here you will find latest LOSV related news posted on other sites, gaming news, reviews and more

LOSV and its community related news, information, tutorials, old site forum archived content, etc.

Downloads (look for the menu entry called "Main Downloads" to choose from the below catagories)
  • LOSV Missions
  • LOSV Maps
  • LOSV Mods
  • LOSV Patches
  • LOSV Fixes
  • LOSV Trial version

Our gallery has a large amount of LOSV screenshots such as LOSV Art, best scores, funny stuff and other images that bring the old memories

This section is full of games, gaming and gaming related videos. There are also many LOSV videos that have been added through years

Line of Sight: Vietnam
This section is not yet complete. We can tell you that it will be kind of a walkthrough...erm it's a secret

At the moment only the following links work:
  • Intro - a review by Gamespot and a Demo video
  • Main - a list of funny and/or interesting facts and features LOSV has. These are also our findings through the years
  • PLAY - information about LOSV Multiplayer explaining why there are no servers on the server list anymore and instructions how to host a server and make it visible so other players could join

Topics vary from war to movies and games

A bunch of fun arcade games you can play for free on this site

You can also subscribe to our RSS feed (for any updates), Recommend this site to someone, Contact us, read what this site is About, check out the Bookmarks (link directory) and find out whats the difference between - "EMBATTLED" and "embattl3D".

We believe that every LOSV fan will find something interesting on this site. Have fun browsing soldier!

.:LOSV Team:.

...:::"respect the aspect of expect"- Sir Cr4p:::...
Discussion » Information (lvl - 0) » Announcements » Line of Sight: Vietnam site is complete (Line of Sight: Vietnam fan page is finally finished)
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