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Discussion » General (lvl - 0) » Nice & Funny » fake body
fake body
EDIS Date: Wednesday, 21 Apr 2010, 21:39 | Message # 1
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City: London
Joined: 12 Feb 2009
Well i was playin on my server 2 days ago n once i was attacking the centre of the base with nades when suddently respawned. So i was thinkin its bcoz of lag, sumbody shot me whitout being noticed.
Anyway, later i realised that my score isnt changin no matter ive made sum frags, actually every time i shot sum1, game says the player was killed by *ROCA*E*CPL*(MX)*.
Then 1 of the players started talk about fake bodys standin sumwhere in the map...i thought its bodys by kicked players. And ROCA started 2 complain about he cant respawn, game doesnt let him in.
So wot i found....was

the body of a character im playin at the position i was when attacking with nades, as my AI (i hadnt any AI). So i was playin in the place of Roca, incresin his score, he couldnt respawn bcoz im him happy .
"when u think that u know everythin about this game - it surprises u". the fake body in pics wasnt 1 of those ghosts as if ur shootin at it it doesnt react. same like shootin at the air. really strange n really funny.
beautiful pics btw, soldier with a nde in his hand looks awesome.

Attachments: 8664074.jpg(177.5 Kb) · 4453288.jpg(95.7 Kb) · 0184500.jpg(110.4 Kb) · 7655396.jpg(178.2 Kb)

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SHADOW Date: Wednesday, 21 Apr 2010, 22:42 | Message # 2
Posts: 239
Joined: 14 Feb 2009
rofl happy now this is funny. I saw many things... losv is full of bugs... but this 1, amazing. Its the 1st time Ive seen somethig like that. it just froze in action. damn old losv still gives us surprises, still shows there is many things to see.
looks great happy

Discussion » General (lvl - 0) » Nice & Funny » fake body
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