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Discussion » Information (lvl - 0) » Rules, languages, terms, awards, explanations » e-3D Gaming Rules (*E* Clan Rules)
e-3D Gaming Rules
EDIS Date: Thursday, 12 Feb 2009, 20:23 | Message # 1
Posts: 276
City: London
Joined: 12 Feb 2009
A fair play improves your skills, increases your experience so it is easier to catch cheaters and then it is really fun to kick their asses.

Gaming Ethics:

Be polite and friendly, dont use a bad language;

Dont abuse other players in any way;

Play for fun in the way which lets others to have fun playing with you;

Give a chance for opposite team to act, stay away from their spawn, keep a distance (no spawnkill);

Give a chance a player you are attacking to defend himself (i.e. dont shoot with 3rd);

Teach rookies, share your experience, help them - as this helps to keep a nice atmosphere;

Gaming Rules:

1. No Cheat (no mods, except 100 chardef, loadout, itemlist, disabled AI).

2. No Spawnkill (exept defensive spawnkill).

3. No Spawncamping.

4. No Spamming(flooding).

5. No Teamkill(including AI killing).

6. No Moded weapons(refiles etc.; smoke grenades, RPG, grenades, M79 can be moded to avoid lag).

7. Shooting at players if they are carrying knife or matchete is not recommended.

8. Shooting at players if they are typing is not recommended.

9. Suicides are not allowed.

10. No Camping is allowed(exept when you are a sniper).

11. An use of gamebugs for score is not allowed.

12. Ineffective use of explosives is not allowed(blind, random nades, etc.).

13. No Offensive language.

14. No "Noobstyle"(jumping, jumpshots, shooting with no zoom on, shooting at teammates or attacking them with any weapon, to put teammates into a dangerous situation, not giving a safe way for teammates to pass through, etc.)

15. Only appropriate names are allowed(such names as - Player, UnknownPlayer, , etc. are disallowed).

16. Our clan is for life as a friendship, once you joined us you will stay in E forever.

17. Recruiting, upranking, change of tags are the responsibility of staff.

18. Any actions that could cause a damage or inconvenience for players or server will be accepted as an offensive activity and depending on a harm it has caused we will take relevant actions.

The embattl3D is a place for educated, polite, mature and friendly gamers, and our servers are dedicated for them.
Follow these rules otherwise you will be kicked out.

"Play fair and be happy" - OLDSCHOOL.
Discussion » Information (lvl - 0) » Rules, languages, terms, awards, explanations » e-3D Gaming Rules (*E* Clan Rules)
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