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Discussion » Conflicts (lvl - 0) » Line of Sight: Vietnam & nFusion » Server download
Server download
EDIS Date: Monday, 10 Feb 2014, 01:41 | Message # 1
Posts: 276
City: London
Joined: 12 Feb 2009
The new era for LOSV might be coming, as we have recently found some of its interesting features.

Even though its an old, 'glitchy', simple and well known game for us. LOSV has kept on surprising us over the years.
Perhaps the fact, this game has never been totally developed and left with countless models, parts, paths, etc hidden among its files is what makes it so unpredictable.

We found its possible to launch both versions having only 1 game installed, invented our own game mode which we call coop-dm, you can even use the shortcut ctrl+v to paste the server IP. Not to mention all the rest of the features that has often been used for bad intentions.

This time we have come across something even more fascinating (SHADOW found this to be specific). Even though the LOSV does not support the in-game download (which is why you can use your own map regardless its completely different from the one anyone else has got) it still downloads some specific data from a server. For instance, waepdef, playerAI etc.

So now we have several original maps (including missions) on our mind which are going to be modified (nothing new here right), just this time everyone will be able to see and play it the same way.
It works like this:
1. Player joins with an original map;
2. Server sends the data of changes made;
3. Player's map changes so he can play our game mode.

It is really amazing because you don't need to download and install any maps, patches or mods for this to work.

See you around cool

...:::"respect the aspect of expect"- Sir Cr4p:::...
SHADOW Date: Thursday, 27 Feb 2014, 01:19 | Message # 2
Posts: 239
Joined: 14 Feb 2009
Well I believe it is fair to give some credit to a Chinese player who used it first. He uses nickname "Player" like most of them. My guess is, he discovered "method" unintentionally so he did not really understand the implications and possibilities the method gives. Can't blame him cool , it took me some time to understand how and why it worked and after that it was easy. I have some years behind me in map making, modding losv, simple understanding how it functions helped a lot. So this "experience"combined with this new method enabled me to make some new things for losv and they worked out smoothly.
Like EDIS mentioned, the beauty is that as a client you can play it all with an original game. Looking forward to do just that - have some playtime! biggrin

Discussion » Conflicts (lvl - 0) » Line of Sight: Vietnam & nFusion » Server download
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