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TKC Community is facing its sunset?

i've just been surfing in old nFusion forums, checking if there are sum active links still...well mostly its driving to not existing sites so i thought to myself: "hey, nowadays google is 1 that has answers in most of cases". and after a holy dedicated typing of familiar words n phrases appeared sum promised results... am sort of...

after a careful analysis of sum kind of sites i found a contrasting destiny of once well known clans like R or NSK. R has expanded as they planed, that aim is still visible on their old site, but they got a new1-cool1 too. it is a real multigaming clan now...n NSK well the old site still on but its just a shadow of the past...even if the further search gives sum inappreciable results. so when i asked about nsk or sum other - google was speechless at this time.

so i decided to look for more recent "characters" like a....TKC Community! yer the same1...so i was pleasantly surprised when that page couldnt load - "oh.. this looks a bit like a sunset" - i thought to myself. well pobably "public relations" were helpful, huh?
all videos seems to be damn old, but...

eh...but a joy cant continue forever. that was just temporary inconveniences, coz it works fine now even if the last post was posted April 15, 2009.

well i guess they got sum probs if members activity isnt stable...or real damn busy with bloody |-| 4 c |< ! |\| 6 ?

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