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Hello hello soldiers, do u copy? As u can c wer not sleeping here (that would b a bit difficult as normally the most of the people sleep in bed not site...n since that moment u get slept ur obviously offline, u cannt be surfing internet if ur not online... Anyway wot im tryin 2 say is - im goin 2 sleep later).

SO after the global desIGN change its time 2 make this site look more like an entertainment, so u could feel as it is. This is why all these new modules have been added: e-3D news, most rated videos, most viewed videos, latest videos (every particular member is welcome to participate by adding videos n its very appreciated), ea games news, gamespot games reviews, ign n gamespy latest news.
Now u can have it all at one place, so its easy 2 stay up 2 d8.

The new category - "Vid's" in reports have been added. Its main function is to list videos of Gamin n eSport (frag movies, gameplay), Turiorials, entertainment n music (well a nice soundtrack on ur movie alwise makes it look a bit more attractive than a silence...this is y music n gamin are allies).
You are also very pleased to post on our Blog, it can be oppinion about game, esport, military etc.
Uve probably spotted changes we made in profile, list of soldiers pages. Its all about makin it more useable, practical n attractive.
And offcourse, the menu is that dark red line with a white text on the top of the site logo. As theres no special javastuff used, u gotta browse e-3D using firefox...so get it! Its free! (well i hope so). FIREFOX
Theres also sum additional info in ur Log-in box, well thats just for spamm wink

We gonna keep u updated if u want us to, n thats not goin 2 cost u anything, so all u need to do is visit e-3D more often (lets say at least...everyday).

Have a nice d...I mean GAME.

P.S.: My english is not as bad as it may look from the first sight.

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Very nice, it is obvious that you've made a huge work here. Keep it going! cool
Following your advice I made a post in a blog, hope it will be interesting. It is even related to MoH... in some way hehe. MoH and Aitvaras

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